About Us

Summit Effects LLC was formed by Kevin Hamilton Pruitt as a full-service geospatial solution company in San Antonio, Texas. His experiences in the petroleum industry from generating, acquiring, and analyzing data using Geographic Information Solutions (GIS) has proven to create value at every company he has worked with.

Kevin has worked with small start-ups needing GIS support to mid-sized public companies with large GIS, geological, engineering, and land departments; each with its own challenges related to managing geospatial data.

It is from these 20+ years leading petroleum companies in GIS that Kevin has an extensive background in GIS architecture, shared mapping platforms, oil and gas mineral leases and land management, and analyzing spatial data with forward thinking solutions that has generated over $1 billion in value.

In 2019, drone technology was introduced as part of our specialized services in central Texas and the local San Antonio community for the petroleum, renewable energy, real-estate, insurance, construction, and other commercial industries.

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Kevin H. Pruitt
Kevin H. Pruitt, owner of Summit Effects LLC