Our Client Testimonials

Vice President of Exploration

I have worked with Kevin at two different companies and wish I still was working with him. He has a keen ability to take complex data sets, deftly apply GIS analytics, and then create accurate aesthetic products that aptly communicate the underlying data, analysis, and resulting insights. As an exploration geologist, Kevin's skills have helped generate actionable prospects that have generated over $1 billion in value creation.

Manager of New Ventures

Kevin provides an excellent service in GIS mapping and making displays that I have used in making investor presentations that were critical to selling prospects and divestitures. Kevin also was a great asset in coordinating with land and brokers in keeping land maps current in multiple large-scale lease plays. He is a proven and strategic team player.

Chief Customer Officer

I asked Kevin to help me make more sense out my data, based on a hunch. He listened, quickly prototyped some solutions. He helped me focus on key investments with good outcomes rather than to just shotgun my approach to a new product. Kevin has a true understanding of both the principles and the application of GIS data. His background has given him keen insight to see through the data to meaningful presentation and gained insight.